Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Welcome to

We've added nothing new to our collection of stories since August 2010,
but felt it was long past time we tidied up a bit and made it all
a fraction more user-friendly -
which is why we decided to make the move over to Blogger.

This will almost certainly be the Dungeon's last incarnation;
it's been in existence for more than fifteen years, but most of the stories
had been published in zines long before they appeared online
and must now be of only antiquarian interest to most fans.
Apart from anything else, we don't believe it is completely fair
to judge the fiction of yesterday by the
more sophisticated standards of today;
what was considered 'good' then is less likely to be thought so now -
the world has moved on a great deal since most of these were written.

(This is why we removed some stories during 2012;
please see 'Hit List' for details.)

In the meantime we've moved on to other things;
many of us are now producing semi-pro gay fiction
which is published in e-book form by:


Please check out our current and future projects!